Universal Adapter

por DiCentral Corporation

UA is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) providing quick, reliable end point integration.

Build, Activate and Monitor unlimited APIs and EDI integrations.

Universal Adapter (UA), a DiCentral solution powered by Azure, enables your organization to reduce the cost of API management and accelerate time to revenue by securely synchronizing data silos across cloud-based and on-premise applications. Leverage data sets and rapidly enable automation across your entire organization using a simple drag-and-drop integration platform.

Easily create, configure, and reuse API components to quickly map data and connect data silos. Reduce development time and investment while streamlining business processes.

Activate, test, and verify API connections to ensure accuracy and integrity. Create a run schedule that meets your business requirements.

Track data transfers, monitor process performance, and oversee API service level requirements. An intuitive dashboard helps you identify errors and anomalies to proactively prevent data integrity and synchronization issues.

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