SchedulePro Compliance Edition

EDP Software

Complex Scheduling Made Easy- Balance Operations Coverage, Compliance & Safety and Cost Efficiency

SchedulePro is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based Workforce Scheduling Software delivered on Azure.

Designed for Oil & Gas and Petrochemical organizations, SchedulePro empowers customers to adhere to their complex compliance requirements (e.g. Fatigue, Industry, Union/Non-Union, State/Province, and In-house rules) while simultaneously optimizing their manpower for corporate objectives such as Safety & Fairness, Labor Cost Reduction, and Proficiency Equalization.

With the SchedulePro Compliance Edition you can:

  • Automate scheduling based on your unique policies and employee search procedures.
  • Monitor, enforce and foster compliance by leveraging both our built-in and/or configurable rules engine.
  • Meet your end-to-end needs with our add-on modules or integration capabilities.

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