Efferent eVue

por Efferent Health, LLC

Hybrid-cloud medical imaging management system

eVUE is a hybrid cloud medical imaging management system, classically known as a PACS (picture, archiving and communications system).

Hybrid technology combines the power, utility and storage capacity inherent in cloud technology with the safety, efficiency and digital imaging device connectivity of a local appliance. Image files are kept in redundant repositories residing on the Microsoft Azure Cloud and thus accessible to credentialed users via a dynamic, sophisticated viewer accessible using any modern web browser; Edge, Chrome, Safari, any time and from any place. 

To complete the hybrid design, eVUE comes with a minimal setup and low maintenance local network appliance; SmartLink. This appliance seamlessly acquires images from medical image digital devices, caches the files for immediate viewing and sends the file(s) to the cloud repository designed for the individual medical practice, clinic, imaging center or hospital. 

Efferent Health's SmartShare may help contain the spread of COVID-19 - Securely access your medical images in the cloud with one click.

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