Footprints AI Smart Shelf

por Footprints for Retail

Smart Shelf - The Future of Retail Data Monetization

With one or more Smart Shelves you can predict, personalize & profit from your physical retail data TODAY.

An advanced retail solution powered by AI combining Computer Vision, Digital Signage, Wi-Fi Analytics, and Retail Media Solutions to transform traditional shelves into interactive, intelligent platforms that can plug & play into your existing in-store IT infrastructure.

  • Retail Media - Deliver hyper-personalized retail media content to the right customer.
  • Intelligent Sensors - Advanced sensors for real- time behavioral-based profiling & shopping intent detection.
  • Customer Intelligence - AI-powered platform for brands to understand who their customers are.
  • Conversion Rate Analytics - Real-time conversion performance monitoring and optimization recommendations based on movement & dwell time.


  • Maximizes In-Store Revenue Opportunities
  • Adapts to Evolving Consumer Behaviors
  • Bridges Digital and Physical Retail
  • Harnesses Retail Data
  • Ensures Seamless IT Integration
  • Cost-Effective Innovation

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