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Modern and advanced platform that transforms how clinics and medical services are managed

At omnimedica, your clinic’s needs are our priority.

We offer the possibility to customize the platform to match your clinic’s specific requirements and processes, including work screens and necessary forms. This means you can adapt the platform to your working style at no extra cost. Customizations are included in our service package, allowing you to create a working environment that perfectly aligns with your clinic’s medical framework. This flexibility enables you to be more efficient and focus on providing high-quality medical care.

Enhancing the Quality of Medical Care

At omnimedica, we are dedicated to constantly improving the quality of medical care. Through advanced digital technology, we provide solutions and tools that support doctors and medical staff in delivering superior and more efficient healthcare. From managing patients’ medical histories to facilitating communication among the medical team, our platform optimizes clinical processes and delivers better and safer care to patients. With omnimedica, you have the resources and technology necessary to make a difference in the field of healthcare.

Why choose omnimedica for your clinic?

In a world where technology plays a pivotal role in healthcare, we offer innovative solutions that prioritize human well-being. Our technology is more than just digital tools; it’s a lifeline, a conduit that connects individuals to a higher standard of care and a better quality of life.

omnimedica is an innovative digital medical ecosystem designed in close collaboration with healthcare professionals, clinic, and hospital managers to specifically address their needs. The platform automates and optimizes workflows, redefining efficiency in healthcare.

Suitable for:

  • Clinics
  • Pathological anatomy laboratories, molecular biology, prosection, etc.
  • Online doctors

Clinic module:

With omnimedica, the medical professional will never have to worry about a keeping track of their calendar, managers can view appointments in multiple ways, by day basis or by medical practitioner, and can keep track of patients’ sources and evaluate related marketing campaigns.

Integration with national health insurance companies does not require additional user actions at reception desk. The signature and validation process is automatic. Patient payments and settlements are made very easily, giving full cash-flow control on a patient level.

HistoPath module for your lab:

Our lab functionality goes beyond traditional procedures. It enables healthcare providers to streamline diagnostic processes, reduce waiting times, and enhance the accuracy of results. Patients benefit from quicker access to vital information about their health, allowing them to make informed decisions. The HistoPath module covers all IT processes related to pathology laboratory workflows, from the generation of a request to the release of the result. Screens are structured by areas of interest and the module automatically records all operations of a request in accordance with RENAR requirements.

Patient portal:

With the htss patient portal platform, you eliminate distances, provide consultations directly from the platform and have access to patient information from anywhere, anytime. Patients save time and enjoy fast high-quality healthcare services. Always be there for your patients’ health! Doctors have access to appointments, consultation histories, chat discussions, patient submitted files, and recommendations or prescribed treatment. With the patient portal platform, doctors don’t waste time searching for patient information because they have everything organized in one place, easily accessible from any device, for a close monitoring of patient progress.

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