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Predictive ERP - The add-on to optimize enterprise resource planning

IMS PREDICTIVE ERP offering the add-on for ERP Systems supports by various modules of the Integrated Manufacturing Solutions (IMS) the option of an early consideration of production and logistics processes – and this at the time of product evolution. With the PREDICTIVE Enterprise Resource Planning Platform (PREDICTIVE ERP), you can calculate various scenarios in your production planning and make well-founded decisions. Plan your production and logistics processes with the help of our flexible software solutions – quickly and as needed. Plan products, processes and resources: The Basic module IMDesigner (IMD) offers fast methodical support in the various stages of planning such as, for example, in the product analysis, resource planning and simulation, as well as manufacturing documentation. Set up a detailed and digital factory model for your production planning quickly and easily. You can make plans as complex as you desire: shorter sub-processes, products with more variants, individual factories or complete supply chains. Simulate all aspects of your production in advance: The simulation of your production saves time and costs. In the IMValidation (IMV) module, you can simulate, visualize and validate all aspects of production in advance. You can check, analyze and optimize your production and logistics systems even before commencing production. Errors and bottlenecks are identified early in time and can be resolved quickly. Scalable Simulation with Composable Simulation Models: The Composable Simulation Models from IMV support you both in the focused optimisation of individual production areas and lines as well as in the individual planning of entire production sites. In this context, multi-level production areas can be linked to one or more connected locations. Perform Advanced Planning & Scheduling and operational Line Balancing: In the IMController (IMC) module, you can perform Advanced Planning & Scheduling and operational Line Balancing in day-to-day planning. You optimize your detailed planning by short-term simulations based on current order information and thus, you can react in flexible manner to fluctuations as well as enhance resources. Efficient production control and fine planning on the Shop floor: In the IMOperator (IMO) module you can provide your production staff with process data, routings and documentation via tablet. Your employees can provide status information and report malfunctions directly. You increase the performance of your production by precise scheduling of the production processes, permanent transparency and optimal capacity utilization.