Digital Authentication & Onboarding Solution

por iiDENTIFii

A facial remote biometric digital authentication & automated onboarding technology platform.


iiDENTIFii (identify) is a world leading remote biometric digital authentication and automated on-boarding technology platform. It fulfils the needs of customer-focused organizations that are required to authenticate and on-board customers. Our remote biometric digital verification technology can authenticate and automatically on-board a person in under 30 seconds. Besides being frictionless and convenient for the respective person and organisation, our iiDENTIFii platform enables exponentially cheaper transaction costs, while increasing efficiency and decreasing expenses. Our technology plugs seamlessly into existing infrastructures, including mobile and web-based platforms.


The current live Technology applications on the iiDENTIFii platform include:

  • Proof of Liveness:  True Biometric liveness, far outperforming ‘gestures-based’ technologies (which can easily be ‘spoofed’)
  • Facial Recognition: Facial algorithms specifically tailored according to the respective ethnic groups, and stress-tested & proven on massive data sets
  •  Identity Document: Automated verification & on boarding. Barcode capture & reading.
  • Data extraction. (Passport; Smart ID; Green-book ID)
  • Data and Biometric Verification: Triangulation with the respective Government issuing authority (Dept. Home Affairs)


  • iiDENTIFii’s proven biometric digital technology platform has been:
  • Approved and is currently being used by the largest and most prominent banks
  • Accepted as legally compliant by the largest legal firm in SA
  • Reviewed and assured technologically by the largest Auditing & Assurance firm
  • Incorporating both AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning)
  • Aligned with POPIA, and compliant with EU:GDPR data privacy & protection requirements
  • Compliant with FICA, KYC, RICA and AML regulations, with a complete Audit Trail

iiDENTIFii’s technology is currently imbedded and operating live and seamlessly in some of the largest companies in South Africa, as well as being recognised with some prestigious innovation & technology awards.

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