James Software

por James Software BV

An electronic patient file system. We develop flexible EPF for various healthcare professions

James Software is an electronic patient file system. We develop flexible electronic patient file systems for various healthcare professions, such as speech therapists, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and psychologists.

We have created a product that can accommodate multiple healthcare professions because the basic templates can be customized. You can add, change, and create your own workable files. You can also add illustrations and use multiple professional apps to enhance your workflow in your digital environment.

We have designed our layout to be simple and easy to use. Our customers will learn to use James in a day.

In the agenda, you can work with colors for every type of appointment, access your files, and write a journal for your client. We also have a "to-do" list where you can keep track of your tasks and notifications.

Multiple people can collaborate using James; you can share files and securely connect with colleagues in your workspace as well as with other healthcare professionals. Thanks to the connections we have established, you can send documents and emails to your external network while adhering to the highest safety measures.

Main focus is on the Dutch market. The software is available in English and Dutch.

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