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Modern internal ticketing, help desk, service catalog and workflow builder in Microsoft Teams

Jetdocs is a modern internal ticketing solution, service catalog, helpdesk and workflow builder in one.

As an integrated and collaborative solution built within Microsoft Teams (tab and bot), organizations are able to standardize workflows across multiple teams (Ops, IT, Support/Success, Legal, Admin, Finance etc).

Instead of relying on email inboxes or messaging threads, organizations set up powerful no-code workflows in minutes with our innovative no-code Catalog Builder. And by fully integrating with Microsoft Teams, your internal tickets, requests and approvals are resolved from where you're already working.

What our users are saying:

  • "WE LOVE JETDOCS" - Professional services co.
  • "Very happy with the system" - High tech manufacturing co.
  • "It has really improved our productivity" - Fortune 500 co.
  • "When I encountered Jetdocs I had this eureka moment" - U.S Immigration focused co.

Powerful features to suit your operations and processes:

  • Fully-customizable self-serve Catalog for your end users
  • No-code Catalog Builder with conditional workflows and multiple data types
  • Robust Analytics and Reporting
  • Priority levels and SLAs
  • User groups and Queues
  • Bot notifications and Email notifications
  • Full traceability with Audit logs and Activity tracking
  • Live video and chat support
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • All of this and more fully integrated into Microsoft Teams

Trusted by:

  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Government municipalities
  • Startups who've raised $75M+
  • Non-profits
  • Manufacturing and engineering firms
  • Professional services (recruiting, insurance etc.)
  • E-commerce
  • IT service providers

Used for workflows, requests and tickets such as:

  • IT & Support / E.g. Support Request
  • Operations / E.g. Vendor Management
  • Compliance / E.g. Customer Response Request
  • Finance / E.g. Purchase Approval
  • Customer Experience / E.g. Customer Refund Request
  • Engineering / E.g. Create Endpoint Request
  • Marketing / E.g. Communications Request
  • Legal / E.g. Contract Review

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