KenSci AI Platform for Digital Health (Payers)


Build Your AI/ML Roadmap to achieve a 360 view of your members

Successfully implementing machine learning requires more than just building high-performing models.  KenSci offers a platform and ecosystem for Medicare Advantage plans to manage the entire lifecycle of successful machine learning for use in care management, administration, risk adjustment, and strategic design.  From data ingest to end user integration, KenSci’s platform offers the tools for your ML investments to be successful.  KenSci’s platform exemplifies its principles of extensibility, Fairness/Accountability/Transparency/Ethics (FATE) ML.  

This offering enables you to:

  • Set up standardized infrastructure architecture for data and AI workloads within your Azure Infrastructure.
  • Simplify first mile challenges of on-boarding historic data to Azure using our custom data mover
  • Connect real-time data from your partnering health systems using our HL7 pipelines or FHIR
  • Hit the ground running with out-of-the-box tools for advanced analytics and machine learning models
  • Ramp up quickly with over 900 on-demand feature definitions and set of templatized feature engineering and model development notebooks

  • Operationalize your models through automated pipelines and monitoring with KenSci tooling for Data Health and Model Health
  • Simplify last-mile challenges of getting predictions into the hands of your users through API connectivity or PowerBI embedded in the KenSci Portal

Prediction models for Payer use cases:

  1. Anticipating high-cost events:
    • ED Utilization & High Utilizers
    • Avoidable Acute Utilization
    • Population Cost Stratification
  2. Enhancing administrative operations:
    • Member Benefit Maximization
    • HCC Optimization
    • Waste & Abuse
  3. Improving care team effectiveness
    • Transitions of care
    • Med Adherence
    • Predictive Care Planning

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