Personnel Tracking & Construction Worker Safety

por Mesh Systems

Simplifying the monitoring of contractors and equipment across large worksites

An end-to-end platform, Mesh Systems' Personnel Tracking & Construction Worker Safety solution helps businesses and enterprises easily track and monitor who enters and leaves workplaces and enables management to locate workers in real-time. The solution embeds small, low-cost Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons in ID cards or badges and tracks the cards/badges within buildings, facilities, and worksites.

The use of low-cost BLE tags gives customers the ultimate flexibility in terms of tag form-factor, battery life, range, and frequency of communication. Tags can be purchased off-the-shelf from high-quality beacon providers or can be designed and purpose-built by Mesh Systems to achieve the specific business objectives of end-customers.

Data from the solution can be consumed in configurable Power BI dashboards or integrated via API into existing project management systems. The associated dashboard provides visibility into monitored personnel, so managers and supervisors can immediately see the number of people at specific locations or zones, their dwell time and determine whether they’re authorized to be there.

Additionally, being able to “swipe” a badge or have a reader capture entry and exit from a workplace improves productivity. On a large construction, mining or manufacturing site, workers don’t have to drive or walk to an office to check-in. They can simply “walk by” a reader.

Key benefits and features include:

Low cost: Easily and affordably track employees, contractors, and visitors, using widely available commodity beacons (i.e. Google Eddystone, beacon format) embedded in badges and cards. Then use BLE mesh and cellular cloud connectivity to continually track and monitor badges/cards and the people associated with them.

Increases visibility: Provides persistent visibility and tracking of personnel, whether they’ve passed a check point and current location. Also provides optional alerts to improve awareness of potential issues, such as which individuals are near an area where an incident has occurred, such as the collapse of a structure or power outage in an office building.

Complements project management systems: Includes proprietary workflow auditing software that strengthens decision making around personnel needs, such as more knowledgeably staffing a project, based on individuals’, teams’, or contractors’ work histories. Additionally, it supports exporting data and integrating with personnel and project management systems.

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