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worXsmart IoT Process Enforcement Service

Mesh Systems

worXsmart brings the autonomy of IoT to any workplace compliance and process enforcement application

worXsmart is the IoT integration of devices and people for a more optimized workflow. worXsmart aligns workforce behavior with performance, accountability and compliance goals under a simplified one stack SaaS solution. It is a native extension to Azure IoT Central (Rules and Actions can trigger Workflow in worXsmart).

worXsmart is a workflow enhancement product that can serve any industry with any activity. It is an intuitive platform with One-Click Mobile Provisioning allowing rapid deployment and quick enablement for any employee with any skill set.

worXsmart alleviates audit, compliance and facility accountability issues for your organization. It modernizes compliance processes into an optimized workflow and uses analytics to ensure compliance goals are proactive and not reactive.

worXsmart streamlines the workflow and data for an assigned activity by reducing burden and increasing the transparency in rulemaking. It reduces compliance and regulatory cost, minimizes time on-site and maximizes the efficiency of the work performed, decreasing our customer’s operational expense.

Using IoT platform you can create tasks that must be completed periodically and specify their workflow to streamline task completion. Using beaconing technology, we can ensure the task was attended to by only allowing completion when in proximity.

With this platform, you can view a history of all submissions of your custom tasks, allowing you to visualize any workflow bottlenecks that may be occurring.

With all of this data instantly at your fingertips, the role of a manager is revolutionized with the remote metrics of the state of your establishment. Even while sitting on a Hawaiian beach, a store manager can still make sure his employees are keeping up with the monitored tasks.

worXsmart provides detailed service-based activities connecting people with an accountability SaaS platform through IoT and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). The Station is accessed through one of two ways: a geographical ping or through a SmartStation- which is a Bluetooth connection with your organizations mobile device. As long as your existing mobile devices connect to the internet it can access worXsmart. All of these features on YOUR organization’s mobile device = TRUE BYOD!

Physically visiting a SmartStation ensures the stakeholder’s accountability within a facility; maintaining your organizations standards. WorXsmart ensures the standards set forth by your organization are being fulfilled with the highest integrity. Using connected devices to provide insight into mission critical workflows. Increase efficiency, productivity, and accountability of workers and managers.