Intelligent Connected Assets by Asset NxT

por LTIMindtree Limited

Integrated Asset Management Solution for Manufacturing, Construction & Logistics industry

Asset NxT leverages IoT technology to build a network of connected assets, where high-value data is intelligently linked and processed in real-time. Algorithms powered by AI convert this data into insights that can be used for a variety of applications, from equipment performance to perfectly timed preventive maintenance. These insights allow clients to make informed decisions and help them improve equipment availability, optimize fuel and energy consumption, boost productivity, and enhance operational efficiency.

Our IoT solutions give our clients definitive measurements for a variety of KPIs. A view of some of the business benefits we have delivered to our clients:
1) 30% increase in the utilization
2) 20-40% increase in equipment productivity
3) Dehire of 2,000+ underutilized leased assets
4) Experienced a 40% improvement in equipment availability

Asset NxT resolves these critical issues by placing edge devices on equipment to collect raw data on asset performance through sensors, gateway, PLCs, and SCADA systems. Our software solutions convert this raw, real-time data into actionable insights. These insights give clients a real-time view on performance with which they can make informed decisions around deployment, utilization, right-sizing, energy consumption, equipment maintenance, and more.

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