smARtr - Small Assets Register

por Akkodis Consulting

Manage Small Assets with PowerApps

The Small Asset Register (SmARtr) enables you to efficiently issue, return and manage items using a barcode scanner from any type of device. Digitising the check-in, check-out, auditing and management functions of small assets simplifies keeping account of them. Providing insights into the status of assets, who uses them, and for how long.

  1. Issue and return of assets.
  2. Auditing of assets based on location and type.
  3. Search and management of asset properties and status configurations.
  4. Operational reporting within SmARtr
  5. Analytical reporting using Power BI
  1. Improve operational efficiency digitising the process of accounting for small assets.
  2. Secure Access and Identify management supporting Azure Active Directory out-of-the-box.
  3. Leverage existing Microsoft Office 365 or Dynamics 365 licensing reducing cost of ownership of the SmARtr PowerApp
  4. Use any barcode types and formats supported by barcode scanning OEMs.
  5. Integrate SmARtr into your organisations data sources using MS PowerApps and Flows 200+ pre-configured connectors.
  6. Device agnostic, enabling a true mobile experience for accounting of small assets

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