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digital distribution network solution


Digital distribution network solution for emerging markets

N-Frnds universal digital inclusion solution is bringing ALL people in the emerging markets into the digital world. With our technology platform and transformative business model, we are changing the way business is done in emerging markets, while closing the digital divide.
Today, over 4 billion individuals and small businesses are not connected to the internet. The advertising model (used in developed economies) supporting “free” applications does not work in emerging markets. Furthermore, companies in emerging markets cannot digitally reach their customers and suppliers. The result is billions of dollars of lost revenues and inefficiency costs. Attempts by others to solve this have failed, mainly because their solutions have focused on mobile data, direct to consumer and channel ownership - excluding most of the market and the existing distribution networks. N-Frnds unique cloud-based digital distribution platform enables large enterprises to reach the “last mile”
• includes the whole market – can be reached from any device - even with no internet connectivity
• utilizes our customer-partners’ existing consumer value chains
• modular – fits into partners’ existing infrastructure
• consolidates the value chains into a unified digital distribution platform (including all its participants)
• creates new digital users, incentivized by our customer-partners N-Frnds solution is:
• Proven - strong buy-in from market - from consumer and financial businesses, including global companies such as: Microsoft (who selected us as a strategic partner), MasterCard, Coca Cola, Nestle and local companies such as the Government of Rwanda, Sequis (insurance), BTPN & Syariah (banks).
• Scalable - we have already digitized 15 million end-users and distribution networks of over 200,000 agents
• Unique – ground-breaking technology protected by 21 patents
• Global - local country “franchise” model with a global technology platform N-Frnds is led by top entrepreneurs with deep expertise in emerging markets, together with our innovative and transformative business model, our market proven solution and our global and local partners, we are the industry leader bringing universal digital and financial inclusion in emerging markets.