Connect the field team to the customer and to the rest of the operational areas of the organization

Kairos365FSM is a solution devised by experts from the world of Operations to meet today’s needs and adapt to tomorrow’s. A solution developed and brought to the customer by Process and IT engineers. It is a Field Service Management Solution (FSM) 100% Microsoft-friendly which allows you to have a single view of all the field operations of your organization, both of your own resources and those of suppliers of services.

Its flexible licensing model allow companies to pay for the actual use which is always aligned with the operations.

Kairos365FSM redefines the concept of FSM to create a powerful and functional tool, concentrated on the operations and very flexible, which is prepared to adapt to business processes and the operations of the various brands or activities of any organization. It is a tool developed and implemented by process, telecommunications and IT engineers. It can be hosted both in the cloud and in the client’s own facilities and offers a solution to visualize and manage all operations in the field of own resources and external service providers.

Kairos365FSM incorporates a wide range of features to orchestrate business processes and operations for any type of organization in any kind of industry. Focused on dynamic and complex operations together with end user satisfaction, Kairos365FSM manages the operations for multiple brands and activities inside an organization efficiently.

It makes everything configurable so that the user, not the software, decides how to manage operations. In addition to not imposing anything on the user, it integrates with any system or solution regardless of the manufacturer. The design of operational workflows provided by Kairos365FSM allows companies to transfer their knowledge and strategy to their field operations autonomously and immediately in order to execute them successfully.

Versatility and agility in the configuration and adaptation of Kairos365FSM allow drastically shortened implementation times.

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