Netskope for Microsoft Teams

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Safely collaborate ensuring sensitive data is protected from misuse and unauthorized access

Netskope for Microsoft Teams gives organizations the visibility and control needed to secure sensitive data and guard against cloud threats. Gain extensive visibility into your Microsoft Teams usage and enforce granular security policies.Netskope for Microsoft Teams protects your sensitive data and files no matter wherever they go.

Netskope for Microsoft Teams is an advanced Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution to protect sensitive data and files within Microsoft Teams environments. Netskope provides organizations with a comprehensive approach to cloud security, by enabling granular visibility and control across all Microsoft Teams accounts within an organization. Security Operations can obtain deep insight and context into Microsoft Teams collaboration activity with granular data and file access controls, as well as the ability to detect anomalous behavior that might pose a serious threat to the organization. Real-time security controls can block malicious or unauthorized activity as it occurs, installing security protections in between your Microsoft Teams deployment and users, regardless of where they are located.

Benefits include:
Centraized, Consistent Management
Granular Visibility and Control
Advanced Data Protection
Cloud Threat and Malware Protection

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