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Bias-free hiring directly within your ATS to help you drive diversity in your organisation

As Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) continues to rise up the list as one of the most important challenges at the forefront of growing organisations, traditional bias training is no longer enough to make a real impact.  

There are over a hundred types of cognitive biases in the human brain, such as confirmation bias and halo effect bias. These biases impact every decision made throughout the hiring process, and because of the way the brain functions, everyone has a cognitive bias. The MeVitae team has spent years researching the science of Human Resources (HR), and D&I, and has used deep-tech to successfully develop a suite of solutions that de-bias every step of the hiring process.  

MeVitae’s mission is to transform the way organisations secure top talent and identify potential leaders, and help them to become more diverse and inclusive whilst remaining competitive in the ever-evolving market.    

For example, during a candidate selection process, the blind recruiting plug-in can redact more than 15 types of bias identifiers including gender, ethnicity and university from CVs and Cover Letters, directly from a company’s Application Tracking System (ATS). MeVitae’s solutions have been designed with versatility in mind and as such they plug into 20 different ATSs, including our partners Greenhouse, Taleo to name a few.   

Not only does this solution have a track record of achieving over 95% accuracy in redacting biases – it does this at a super speed of 100 CVs per second! The solution has also demonstrated an increase of more than 30% in D&I within organisations. 

MeVitae’s robust solutions help you to focus on finding the right person for the role, without cognitive and unconscious bias as well as algorithmic bias. MeVitae is GDPR compliant and does not store any of the candidate data and for increased security, all candidate data is EAS256-encrypted. 

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