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Collaborative low-code application platform for teams to deliver faster, better, without compromise.

Not getting custom software in time? Are you an organization in need of a digital transformation? Do you require the means to rapidly develop & deploy tailored solutions? If so, Plant an App is your perfect partner!

Key Features

  • Incorporates low-code, no-code, & custom code under one platform
  • Powerful business logic & customizable UI building capabilities
  • Robust data architecture & cloud-based functionality
  • Low-code automation & streamlined workflows
  • A repository of pre-built components & supported coding languages
  • Sophisticated API Builder along with various integration tools

Key Benefits

  • Visual interfaces take the complexity out of code, but not the power
  • Users of different expertise can simultaneously work on the same page
  • Less time spent on repetitive coding tasks, freeing up developer workload
  • Rapidly develop & showcase working prototypes to stakeholders
  • Plug-in custom code & integrate freely
  • Consolidate decoupled systems & reduce maintenance burden

Modular low-code & no-code components facilitate a wider pool of users to collaborate in the development process. Professional developers are still empowered from Day 1 though, allowing enterprises to scale their applications, & integrate with legacy systems. A flexible API Builder makes it possible to seamlessly connect with other solutions, while integrations such as Salesforce and Slack are already built-in.

What our customers say

“Out of all the ways of creating data-driven digital experiences, this is the most straightforward, approachable way of doing it. Moreover, it creates a structure that is flexible, extensible – there is no constraint to doing further development.” – Jim Everett, Development & Innovation, University of Strathclyde

“The Plant an App low-code development platform has allowed my three developers to deliver sophisticated applications within the first several weeks of using the platform.” – David Wellman, Senior Manager, Govt. of Bermuda

About Plant an App

Plant an App is a sophisticated, yet inclusive, low-code development platform that lets you innovate continuously. 10 years worth of knowledge is embedded into a comprehensive package, powered by skilled developers with a passion for helping others build applications. An ever-growing community, cloud-based functionality, & expansive library of updated assets, ensure a platform that is built for the future. By partnering with Plant an App, your teams will receive the digital resources, skills, & support needed to develop without limitations.

Are you ready to accelerate your application development, reduce costs, & promote collaboration today by creating your own powerful software solutions? Just click the ‘GET IT NOW’ button at the top of this page.

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