HotDesk Management App

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With our app, your employees can easily book the desks, and you control your office resources.

The idea of "HotDesk" is a response to the observations of employers who noticed that not all desks are used at the same time. The main assumption of this idea is the lack of an assigned desk for specific employees. When they come to work, the employed occupy the places that are currently vacant. When the work is finished, they take their things with them back home. Although the HotDesk concept is a response to the contemporary needs of companies, it first appeared in the 1980s and was initially concerned only with shift-operated enterprises. The reduction of costs related to the introduction of the concept of HotDesks is associated not only with the reduction of the space occupied by workstations but also with the saving of their equipment. 

The HotDesk Management App, available from MS Teams, allows the organization's employees to remotely book desks when working in a mixed-mode. The employee can view available free desks in the form of a list or an interactive map.  

What are the application possibilities?

Employees can see a list of their own reservations. The list can be filtered by booking status, and there is the possibility to display archival reservations. Each booking has information about the date on which it was made, location, information about people in a given room, status, and about the superior if the booking approval is required. Each booking can be canceled or edited (change of the booking day) by the user. All users have the ability to search for a desk by the indicated location and date. Reservation of the resource is blocked if there already is a reserved desk on a given day. The list of desks shows who has already booked a desk in a given room. Reservation of the resource allows reserving a desk for a few days in advance, maximally no more than one month. The supervisor gets MS Teams notifications about requests to book a desk by the subordinate in a different location than he is dedicated to. Reservation can be accepted or declined by the supervisor from the notification window. Additionally, the "Chat" button automatically redirects to the chat window with a given person in the MS Teams application. HotDesk app complies with the limited availability of floors/zones/rooms. (Zones with restricted access for employees, not every employee can make a booking in a zone with restricted access)

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