Profitbase Planner 5

por Profitbase AS

Profitbase Planner is a user-friendly budgeting and forecasting tool.

Profitbase Planner is a flexible and powerful budgeting and forecasting tool that reduces the complexity and time spent planning. A Norwegian-developed tool with all the functionality you need, at a reasonable price.

Our platform gives you easy and quick access to key information and data about your business. With its business intelligence functionalities and features, you can discover patterns and correlations in business data and predict possible events in the future. You can even simulate and analyze different events and scenarios to find out how they can affect your business's financial performance. 

With Profitbase Planner you can easily collaborate across your organization to create budgets and rolling forecasts. We recommend that base your process on driver-based inputs, but it is also possible to plan based on accounts. 

Profitbase is the preferred supplier for many medium-to-large enterprises and government agencies in Norway. Our values are to exceed expectations, execute with passion, and empower each other.  

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