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Digital, cross-functional transformation for continuity across products, process and people.

In PTC's recent State of Digital Thread survey, 74% of leaders said that improving their ability to leverage data across the enterprise would be effective or highly effective at addressing disruption. And they're right. Cross-functional transformation efforts - those that work to improve collaboration across functions and the enterprise - show a significant improvement in results.

A digital thread creates a closed loop between digital and physical worlds to optimize products, people, processes, and places. In the digital world, the complexity of the physical world can be distilled down to the pertinent information needed to make decisions. By introducing digital processes to analyze, manage, and communicate this information, decisions can be made faster and more accurately. Then, when the digital tolls and processes that are utilized along the lifecycle of a product are connected using a digital thread, the knowledge gleaned from one activity can be shared upstream and downstream to inform others.

This is "closing the loop" and it enables continuity of data across departments and collaboration across functions to improve the product and physical processes and empower the people who are involved at every step.

With SaaS technologies available today, a holistic digital thread spans the entire product lifecycle that takes place within a company and extends outward to suppliers, customers, and products and people in the field.

Digital Thread Benefits

  • Engineering Excellence: Improve quality, reduce rework, and expedite new product development and time-to-market.
  • Manufacturing Efficiency: Drive process effectiveness with greater insights into assets, throughput, and worker productivity.
  • Product & Service Innovation: Enable (and uncover) new business models and opportunities that impact top line revenue.
  • Service Optimization: Improve technician effectiveness and reduce asset downtime.
  • Sales & Marketing Experience: Enrich the customer experience with new ways to engage and drive customer loyalty.

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