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Increase customer lifetime value using Punchh Loyalty.

Punchh Loyalty helps restaurants, physical retailers and CPG brands convert customers to brand advocates by creating consistent and powerful experiences both in-store and online. Powered by the Punchh customer platform, Punchh Loyalty enables brands of any size to engage consumers with the right offers at the right time over the right channels—making it easy for users to earn and redeem rewards and share their experiences.

The platform captures, stores, and analyzes data across every offline and online touchpoint, giving brands the tools to understand and predict consumer behavior and execute automated campaigns that deliver results.

With omnichannel integrations leveraging an extensive partner ecosystem of leading eCommerce, marketing clouds, POS, and payment providers, Punchh Loyalty ensures each user interaction is tracked and optimized for increasing customer lifetime value.

Key Features:

  • Customizable Loyalty Program Structures: Incent customers using spend & visit-based and/or tiered membership programs 
  • Omnichannel Loyalty: Make it seamless for customers to earn loyalty rewards via any channel, both in-store and digital
  • Branded Mobile App: Foster greater loyalty with a user-friendly mobile app that customers can use as a hub for all program engagement
  • Ordering/eCommerce: Enable customers to earn and redeem rewards at the time of purchase, online or at the POS
  • Payments: Make it easy for customers to pay using their preferred method—at the counter, within the mobile app, or through the brand’s website—and earn and use loyalty rewards at the same time
  • Gift Cards: Allow customers to purchase and use digital gift cards within the mobile app, whether or not they can earn rewards on the transactions
  • Referrals: Empower customers to invite friends to join the loyalty program via their social media networks using their mobile app or the Web
  • Ratings & Reviews: Encourage customers to check-in, provide experience ratings, and submit feedback the brand can proactively address
  • Social Sharing: Make it simple for customers to share their ratings and reviews by posting them to their social media accounts
  • Social Publishing: Post pre-authorized customer reviews on the brand’s corporate or local store’s social media pages to increase brand awareness.
  • Beacons: Deliver personalized campaigns to consumers when they enter or are near a store using location and micro-location- based targeting

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