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Archive Shuttle

Quadrotech Solutions (Fargo)

Archive Shuttle migrates enterprise email archives and journal data quickly and safely to Office 365

Archive Shuttle is fast, intelligent, and highly automated. The solution uses Sync ‘n’ Switch technology to uncouple data from user migration, ensuring seamless access to archive data throughout the migration.

The leavers feature automates the creation of terminated user archives in Exchange Online. The newly created archive account is used as the target for the migration, providing terminated user’s data a permanent home in your new solution. Then, this archive is placed on legal hold, enabling the leaver data to be discoverable for all your legal or compliance needs without requiring a license for the user in the target.

The solution preserves interdependencies with live mail, mitigating bandwidth constraints, and delivering seamless user access during the migration.

Archive Shuttle has an automated workflow to handle the process for leavers when migrating to Office 365

  • Orphaned Archives, (leavers without mailbox and/or AD account), can be easily identified within Archive Shuttle, and a different migration workflow can be applied to those archives.
  • “Rolling” Office 365 licenses are defined, which are used for migrating leavers.
  • For example, you instruct Archive Shuttle to use 10 licenses for all your leavers.
  • Archive Shuttle then creates Office 365 mailboxes for 10 leavers and puts the mailbox on Legal Hold before starting to migrate the data into those mailboxes.
  • As soon as a leaver is done, the license is removed and added back to the leaver’s license pool, so Archive Shuttle can reuse the license for migrating the next leaver.
  • Results in a smooth and automated approach to migrate leaver data without additional licensing costs in Office 365!

Key Features
  • The only on-premises requirements are an allocated staging area, and the deployment of appropriate modules.
  • Sync’n’Switch technology ensures users are not interrupted while their email is migrated from the legacy platform.
  • The Advanced Ingestion Protocol (AIP) dramatically cuts ingestion time, and maintains Chain of Custody.
  • Flexible architecture addresses various environment size and complexity.
  • Highly automated and workflow based process.
  • Comprehensive reporting on all data related to the project
  • Item level logging.
  • Preservation of Chain of Custody
  • Migrate what you need – selective migrations

Quadrotech is a Microsoft managed, Direct CSP Partner holding three Gold Competencies.All of our solutions are published in Microsoft’s OCP Catalog, giving us the ability to leverage Microsoft’s Co-Sell resources during the sales process. With access to 3 internal MVPs, we have vast Microsoft product knowledge at our disposal.

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