Reelae - learning online made simple


Reelae makes online learning a powerful and meaningful experience.

Reelae is the answer to getting the best collaborative work and learning outcomes from teachers, students and groups. Our software was designed by people who genuinely love learning and want the experience to be simple, easy and fair. Reelae was created to solve the challenges of today's online learning platforms that can be complex, clunky and tricky to navigate. Our overarching abiding passion is to release learners and educators from administration in order to create better learning experiences. Reelae was built to be scalable . Our tool accommodates every stage of teaching and learning needs from primary school, high school, tutoring, right through to tertiary education and beyond. It can be used anywhere, on any device whether you are in a suburb in a big city or in a remote village of Papua New Guinea. Reelae is an online learning tool that is beautiful and simple in design with everything teachers and learners are looking for.
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