Reltio Connected Data Platform

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Accelerate the value of data and maximize your impact every day

Reltio Connected Data Platform is the only cloud-native data management platform that supports billions of customer profiles, enriched with thousands of attributes, relationships, transactions, and interactions from hundreds of data sources. Reltio powers enterprise-class mission-critical applications to operate 24/7 with thousands of internal and external users. Reltio Connected Data Platform is the foundation for hyper-personalization and real-time operations required for organizations to be responsive in the digital economy.

The Reltio platform is built on the foundation of master data management (MDM) and enriched with graph technology to uncover the value of relationships. It uses machine learning to discover deeper data insights and improve data quality. Built-in workflow management helps simplify compliance requirements and improve information stewardship productivity.

Reltio Connected Data Platform Products include:

Enterprise 360 - Enterprise 360 masters any domain and provides a complete 360 view of relationships between people, products, places, and activities.
Customer 360 - Customer 360, provides a holistic, real-time and actionable understanding of B2B and B2C customers.
Healthcare Cloud - Healthcare Cloud runs on HIPAA compliant cloud services infrastructure.
Financial Services Cloud - Financial Services Cloud utilizes advanced HITRUST certified cloud services infrastructure for PHII standards.
Identity 360 Premium - Identity 360 connects all internal, external, and third-party data to create one unique profile used across applications for connected and consistent experiences, fraud detection, and compliance.

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