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Silverfort Authentication Platform


Protecting the Unprotectable - with Agentless Multi-Factor Authentication

Silverfort seamlessly enables adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA) across all sensitive corporate assets, both on-premises and in the cloud, without requiring any agents or proxies.

Credential theft is the most common attack vector in enterprise data breaches. Many security solutions aim to prevent such attacks using multi-factor authentication or adaptive authentication. However, they require deployment of software agents on each protected asset, integration or complex SDKs, or local configurations that are difficult to implement. Therefore, such solutions cannot handle the scale, complexity and dynamic nature of today's networks. The deployment and management of MFA solutions becomes endless, and many sensitive assets are left exposed. This is especially true in the cloud, where new instances are automatically allocated or moved between cloud providers. Protecting authentication across all those resources and environments was an impossible task — until now.

Silverfort allows enterprises to This enables Silverfort to extend protection to systems that were considered “unprotectable” until today, including: Homegrown and critical business applications, regulated systems and data (financial, healthcare, etc.), production servers, IT infrastructure (e.g. hypervisors, DCs and network equipment), administrative access (e.g. PAM, RDP, SSH), file shares, databases, SCADA, IoT devices and more.

Key Use Cases:

  • Enable multi-factor authentication for sensitive assets that don’t support it today (including infrastructure, servers, endpoints, applications and data) without installing anything on them
  • Apply adaptive step-up authentication across large environments (including hybrid and multi-cloud), using Silverfort’s behavior analytics engine and alerts from 3rd party security products
  • Achieve unified visibility of user activity across all systems and environments, including advanced risk assessment

Key Benefits:

  • MFA Enablement: Protect systems that couldn't support MFA until today.
  • Real-Time Threat Detection and Prevention: Stop account takeover, lateral movement, ransomware, brute-force attacks and more
  • Instant Compliance: Apply MFA and auditing to comply with PCI-DSS, NY-DFS, HIPAA, GDPR and more
  • AI-Driven Risk Engine: Respond to suspicious activity in real time with step-up authentication
  • No Agents: Protect any system without modifying it in any way.
  • No Change to User-Experience: Continue to access resources the same way (no portal/app)
  • No Inline Proxies: Non-intrusive architecture