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SimCorp SaaS

Our Simcorp SaaS Platform is a simplified operating model with end-to-end ownership, which will be continuously evolved, allowing clients to focus on core business:

  • Integrated agility & scalability for growth, geo expansion or on-demand capacity for immediate requirements
  • Single-tenant solution with flexibility and full support of custom configuration and as-is support of integrations
  • Secure, robust, and reliable design with three layers of redundancy (prod + high availability, disaster recovery, and back up)
  • Focus on transforming business operations with predictable “fixed price, fixed scope” model and metrics-based growth
  • Access to innovation with a future proof and ever green solution with continuous improvement and clear roadmap
  • One expert vendor with strong service levels across the entire stack, with guaranteed availability of 99.75%, service level coverage for incidents and disaster recovery

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