Simplify App Fabric™ (SAF)

por Simplify Healthcare

Build enterprise solutions with a Low-Code App Platform (LCAP) that is 'purpose built' for Payers

Build enterprise solutions with speed and innovation on a Low-Code App Platform (LCAP) that is 'purpose built' for Payers.

Reduced time from ideation to readiness - Easily develop an application for any business need with minimum technical dependency.

Intelligent Workflow - Enable cross-functional collaboration to seamlessly track business processes across multiple teams.

Seamless Integration - Automated API updates for accelerated integrations into external systems.

Integrated Document Generation - Generate documents in various formats by combining data and content with templates and rules.

Transparent Governance - Built-in activity tracking and version management ensures that an audit trail of user actions exists, automatically capturing changes to application data.

Value Delivered:

Leveraging Simplify App Fabric™’s configurability can cut IT app dev costs by 30–40%

Simplify App Fabric™ is purpose-built for Payers and hence reduces overall development times to roll out solutions by up to 40–50%

Simplify App Fabric™ enables integration with core admin processing systems (CAPS) such as Claims, Enrollment, Clinical, etc., from Day 1 and hence reduces cost and time to deploy value

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