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SyncWords Captioning Service


SyncWords offers automation technologies, cloud-based tools, and services for closed captioning.

SyncWords Automation Technologies and Tools

We automate the most tedious, time-consuming tasks in the captioning process. We support full automation that completes in a fraction of the media runtime. We also enable semi-automated workflows, allowing for human review and cleanup of transcripts and captions where needed,

Timing Automation
We align every word spoken in your media with its corresponding text, whether generated by speech recognition or via a supplied transcript, with millisecond precision and industry leading accuracy.

Speech Recognition
We leverage Azure Cognitive Services to convert speech to text.

Placement Automation
We analyze the video and position captions to avoid overlap with areas that contain important visual information like faces, text, and graphics.

Segmentation Automation
We generate caption and subtitle files optimized for UX and readibility, and allow customization of dozens of parameters including line length, timing rules, reading rate, and more.

Machine Translation
We leverage Microsoft Translator to automate translation between 40 languages.

Pro Caption Editor
A full-featured caption editor suitable for broadcast and OTT projects.  It is web-based and allows for review and cleanup of captions generated by SyncWords.

Sync Editor
A transcript editor ideal for review and cleanup of ASR text. This web-based editor provides interactive editing of the synchronized transcript. Edits are retimed on the fly ensuring that exports are available immediately.

In addition, SyncWords offers a wealth of other features -

  • Public API
  • Collaborative tools
  • Supports multiple users with roles, granular permissions, and teams
  • Tools for organizing, archiving, and searching through projects
  • 60+ caption, subtitle, transcript, and data exports
  • Presets, dictionaries, glossaries, and other tools


SyncWords is most commonly used for captioning and subtitling although customers find other creative uses for our software. 

  • Closed captioning
  • Open captioning
  • Karaoke captioning
  • Foreign language subtitling
  • Subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Audiobook synchronization
  • Interactive transcripts
  • Media indexing and search


SyncWords is for those committed to quality captioning and finding the most cost-effective, efficient way to achieve that goal.

  • Broadcasters and Media Companies
  • Post-Production Companies and Captioning Providers
  • Government agencies
  • Educational organizations
  • Corporate customers
  • Independent producers