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Business Travel and Expense Management Software

Traveo - Fully Automated Business travel and expense management software. Traveo can streamline travel and expense management. Traveo is 1) An integrated end-to-end business travel and expense management solution 2) Optimally plans even complex itineraries completely automatically taking into account company policy and employee convenience 3) Automatically books entire travel as soon as final approval is in place (Self Booking Tool) 4) Encourages employees to voluntarily save money for the company through built-in Employee Reward program 5) Automatically creates expense reports from travel details and bills 6) Improves productivity of claims managers by at least 3 – 4 folds 7) Provides insights to CFO/COO/Sr. Finance Professionals such as money lost due to policy violations, money lost due to delays in approvals etc. 8) Travel Desk Automation Traveo can help an enterprise- 1) Streamline and automate the entire process - right from trip planning & booking to reimbursing expenses 2) Save money - Upto 50% 3) Remove mental hassles and ensure greater experience for employees

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