UltraBac Hybrid Hyper-V Backup to Azure

UltraBac Software Inc.

Agentless VM backup to both on-prem and Azure storage for onsite or cloud recoveries.

UltraBac launched its Windows backup solution in 1995 which has continuously evolved to meet the physical, virtual and cloud BDR needs of customers ranging from the SMB to Enterprise.  UltraBac's Hybrid Hyper-V Backup Solution uses Microsoft's API's to backup both powered on & off VMs from protected virtual hosts to any on-premise disk based storage device and then copies the backup to Azure for redundant (and identical) offsite backup.  UltraBac’s Hyper-V solution is “agentless” and requires no software to be installed in individual VMs.


Backups also can use UltraBac’s built-in compression to save on average another 30% of storage space along with AES-256 military grade encryption.  Users can set up a schedule of full and incremental backups to suit their specific requirements.  Incremental backups are available in Windows 2016 and above and use Microsoft’s built-in changed block tracking (CBT) feature.  Failed incremental backups are self-healing with the next successful backup correctly creating a point-in-time recovery snapshot with all the changed blocks since the last successful backup.


Backups can be scheduled at any required frequency with no limit to the number of incremental backups between full backups.


With the cloud copy feature enabled, and the local backup completed, disks are unfrozen and all system resources released.  After completion UltraBac then copies the backup to low cost Azure storage for duplicate (and identical) off-site storage.


To implement UltraBac’s Hyper-V cloud copy feature all that’s required is to check a setup box, enter your Azure credentials, and schedule backups to run.  UltraBac can be downloaded, installed, setup, and performing its first backup in as little as 30 minutes.


To restore a file, folder or disk an Admin would access UltraBac's UI and mount the backup from either local or Azure storage.  Once mounted any file, folder or disk can be restored.  To restore an entire machine as a VHDX the admin can select to restore from any point-in-time backup.  During a local restore if a file is found to be missing it will be automatically restored from Azure without operator intervention.


With UltraBac, the only difference between an on-premise and Azure based file/folder/partition restore or recovering an entire machine is speed.

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