Fruut: Voice-first AI app-reports & collaboration

Volume Ltd

Narrate your report and assign actions in seconds, through voice

Contact reports are a necessity for many customer-relationship managers, field engineers, risk-assessment technicians or anyone holding meetings. Whether a basic post-meeting requirement or a necessary part of your day-to-day tasks, the administration time and effort can overwhelm. This may adversely affect productivity – and the accuracy of the information recorded.

With Fruut, professionals can reduce the time it takes to write up reports by simply speaking into their smartphones, whilst any tasks or actions can be detected automatically and assigned to colleagues through their preferred planning or collaboration tools.

Utilising the latest speech-to-text technology, Fruut makes it quicker and easier to capture information in real time, rather than retrospectively. With a world-leading word error rate customised to your industry, narrated reports can be completed in significantly less time than written reports, and with a full transcript of the “conversation”, information is accurate and complete. Actions will be detected and assigned to individuals together with targets for completion, ensuring efficient and productive post-meeting actions.

“We want our customer facing people to be better empowered with tools that enable them to be more productive through automating admin and to ultimately deliver a more timely and more personal customer service.“ 
Head of Business Innovation, UK Commercial Bank

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