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Solar Power Generation Forecasting on DDP

Wipro Ltd

Electricity grid management by forecasting demand and generation of solar power.

Wipro’s Data Discovery Platform (DDP) is an integrated platform, which accelerates ‘time-to-insight’ for an enterprise using pre-built industry apps that enable faster decision making, aided by advanced visualizations.

The Solar Generation Forecasting app on DDP involves knowledge of the Sun’s path, the atmosphere’s condition and the characteristics of a solar energy plant which utilizes the Sun’s energy to create Solar power. The Solar photovoltaic systems transform solar energy into electric power. The power output depends on the incoming radiation, weather conditions and on the solar panel characteristics. It predicts AC power that will be generated in next 24 hours. Thus, the solution covers the forecast of demand and generation of solar power at hourly level which provides balance and economic opportunity to integrate larger shares of renewable energy sources in power grid.

Key Benefits

  • Better energy consumption planning and optimal assurance of grid stability
  • Mitigation of balancing power costs resulting in improved profits
  • Future visibility of solar power generation