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Omni-Channel Retail Platform (ORP)


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Omni-channel Retail Platform is a middleware, Order Management System (OMS) and PIM

Omnichannel Retail Platform (ORP) ia a cloud-based high performance omni-channel software solution for medium sized and large retalers. ORP is offered by wolfpack DCS, with HQ in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The ORP software solution enables retailers to manage their stock, product info & orders across all online and offline sales channels. The Omnichannel Retail Platform transforms the silos of web, stores, and marketplaces into a seamless omnichannel world. - ORP is the middleware solution that manages the flow of data between all systems - Connects all applications via an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) - Manages orders of all sales channels via the Order Management System (OMS) - Create, enrich and share product data via the Product Information Management (PIM) - Cloud-based hosted on Azure