Adoption & Change Management: 3-Day Assessment

Apex Digital Solutions

Realize the value of Microsoft 365 by helping your employees embrace new ways to work.

Effectively address the "people" side of technology through awareness and training, increasing the probability of long-term success with Microsoft 365.

Ready for Change Management helps establish change management best practices in preparation for the deployment of new Microsoft3 65 workloads, business applications, and other end-user impacting technology solutions.


Change Scope & Objectives

  • Understand where you are today from a technical perspective
  • Understand the scope and objectives for the particular technology change

Change Management Readiness Assessment

  • Review how your current change management and communications strategy
  • Review current learning management system and/or training methods

Envisioning Session

  • Experience an "Art of the Possible" immersion session for the specific technology
  • Identify success measures and KPIs based on desired outcomes

Change Management Workshop

  • Overview of change management best practices
  • Discussion of Champions Pilot program
  • Development of a Change Management Plan that captures success measures, and the training and communications plan


  • Alignment across the business and technical stakeholders on the vision, needs, and success criteria
  • Reduction in user resistance to change
  • Attainment of people-based ROI targets
  • Increased employee engagement

For more information visit Ready for Change Management.

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