Business Central CUSTOM REPORTS: 8-Hr Workshop

Beacon Grace, LLC

*Personalized approach to learning how to create company-specific reports in Business Central. We go beyond standardized training courses by helping you tackle unique reporting challenges.*

### TERMS: Package doesn't include custom development or creation of complex reports. Sessions are 2-hours per day and all hours must be used within a week, after the "Kick-off meeting". Add-ons are available. ### INCLUDED: * Kick-off Meeting (Est. 30-60Mins) * Format * Report Prioritization List * Specifications Overview * General Training (Est. 1-2Hr) * Initial Report Specifications Review (Est.30-60Mins) (Internal) * Report (1, 2, Etc.) * Requirements * Specifications * Review Existing Templates * Determine Changes Needed * Initial Modifications * Off-Line Modifications * Report Support (2Hrs) ### ADD-ON SERVICES: * Additional fees apply * Custom Development * Additional Support * and, more. * Requires pre-purchase and scheduled implementation.
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