Capgemini Onboard Power Platform: 2 wk - Implementation

Capgemini Group

Streamline Onboard is a targeted, timeboxed engagement to help you solve a specific business challenge, pain point or gap using a simple configured app in the power platform.

STREAMLINE ONBOARD START SMALL, DREAM BIG & DELIVER FAST! If you have an “it would be so much easier and quicker if we could just have an app to do this” moment, then Streamline Onboard with Power Apps can help you.

Our 2-week Onboard engagement is a standard two-week rapid development project for an app, and will comprise of our PowerApp experts analyzing, designing and building a specific canvas, model-driven or portal app on the Microsoft Power Platform.

It is aimed at organizations in any of the stages of app development. This means we can engage with your team:

To help define the app and build it for you; Add capacity to supplement your existing team; or Provide consulting and coaching capabilities to guide your team while enabling knowledge transfer. As your business changes and grows, you can scale and leverage additional features in the PowerPlatform overtime. But to start with we believe you will need:

The opportunity to workshop with a technical expert to setup for a good result, The opportunity to collaborate on a design by identifying a canvas app, model driven app or basic customer/partner portal to build, Access to an expert to help or lead the build using Microsoft best practices, Hands on training for you and your people on how to use the application, Advice and assistance on moving the application into your live business environment. Note:

Additional monthly support plan (Intergen Lifecycle Services Plan) available for purchase post deployment. Additional two-week increments can be added for more complex scenarios. Prerequisites:

Licensing to access and use the Microsoft Power Platform. Power Platform System Administration Privileges

Pricing for the offer will be on scope of work basis and above mentioned factors.

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