Unleash the Power of Communication with Viva Engage: 1-Day Workshop

Changing Social LTD

Teaching individuals and teams to master the art of effective communication using Viva Engage, including an art of the possible and best practice for building stronger relationships with Engage.

As a key component of the Microsoft Viva suite, Viva Engage not only complements Viva Connections and Viva Topics but also enhances the community, conversation, and knowledge experiences across the Viva ecosystem. Our Microsoft Viva Engage Workshop ensures a smooth transition and ongoing success by incorporating comprehensive strategies, communications & training.

Our Microsoft Viva Engage Workshop takes a strategic approach to ensure maximum value from Viva Engage. By identifying and prioritizing use cases specific to your organization, we can pinpoint areas where the platform can generate the most significant impact. We also assess your current processes and systems to develop a tailored adoption strategy, optimizing the implementation of Viva Engage.

Clear and consistent communication is crucial for successful adoption. We provide multilevel email cascades ensure streamlined communication from executives, department heads, team leaders, and colleagues. To accelerate adoption, we offer easy-to-follow Viva Engage Quick Start Guides and targeted communication strategies. Our visually appealing and informative content, including infographics and videos, enhances understanding and encourages engagement.

Training plays a vital role in fostering a thriving, connected workplace. Our Executive Viva Engage Training equips leaders with the tools to drive digital leadership and visibility. Administrators receive comprehensive Viva Engage Admin Training, empowering them with the skills to manage and maintain the platform effectively. We also support network community managers with ongoing training and coaching, ensuring their success in fostering engagement. Lastly, our Viva Engage Community/Group Owner Training instils a sense of ownership and responsibility among community and group leaders.

Embrace the future of collaboration and change management with Microsoft Viva Engage. Together with our expert guidance, your organisation will be well-equipped to unlock the full potential of this powerful tool and foster a thriving, connected workplace.

Workshop Description

Hour 0-1: Introduce Workshop Hour 1-3: Understanding Yammer & Viva Engage Hour 3-4: Showcase Viva Engage & Components Hour 4-5: Actionable Next Steps

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