Protect 365 App - 1 hour implementation

Cloud Life

The Protect 365 app gives insight and grip in Microsoft Cloud security & compliance. Get the most important Devices, Data, Identity, Apps risk in one overview, and understand how to mitigate.

The Protect 365 app is a unique product, basically a SIEM-in-your-pocket built by and with the knowledge of the world's first Microsoft 365 & Azure Cybersecurity expert: Cloud Life, based in Amsterdam. Do you worry about your security? Your compliance? Your identities? Worry no more; the Protect 365 app looks out for you, warns you when there is something off - and tells you how to fix it. The app is the missing link between your IT department or MSP and your SOC. Cloud Life has gathered all their knowledge and skills, so you can profit from this too.

By purchasing the Protect 365 app you will get an app that runs on any device, including mobile, and on any browser. It will give you a real-time insight in your cybersecurity state, focused on the Microsoft 365 & Azure platform. Divided between Devices, Data, Identity and Apps, we show you the state on the most important matters regarding these subjects. For instance, you may have enabled Multifactor Authentication, but do you monitor real-time if there really isn't a device or user going around the policy (maybe even without them knowing)? Do you know the state of all your devices? Do you check proactively if all devices are still compliant, getting virus scans regularly, if there isn't any user that mass downloads data? Do you monitor if your inboxes have an automated forward rule enabled, which is a big security ánd compliance risk? Do you get a push notification on your phone if one of your devices has a virus? With Protect 365, now you do! We show you all the insights you need to know, recommend the actions to mitigate these risks ánd guide you straight from the risk to the right portal and button to apply the advised mitigations.

The app is role-based access enabled. If you have this set up in your organization, a compliance or security officer might only see the dashboards with engaging reports allowing them to understand where the level of risk is at. And an IT admin see's the same dashboards, but with the options directing them with built-in buttons to the right portal and configuration to solve a risk.

Protect 365 truly is one-of-a-kind, and much needed in today's threat landscape. It provides you with insight and grip in Microsoft Cloud security & compliance, advises you how to solve risks so you can focus on your business and worry less. Protect 365 is invoiced monthly or annually per user, based on the total amount of active Microsoft 365 users regardless of the type of license (E1, E3, F1, etc.).

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