Discrete Manufacturing, 3-day workshop

Columbus US

Build, plan, and execute business transformation strategies with a proven, innovative approach from Microsoft Catalyst

Manufacturing is rapidly transforming from production to product-as-a-service which is creating a need for more efficient responses, sustainable supply chains, responsible and compliant practices, and a growing skills gap in workers. This is pushing manufacturers to create new business models and rethink the entire manufacturing value chain.
In this new reality, how do you envision the future state of your organization? Build your transformation strategy with Microsoft Catalyst, a proven and powerful approach to innovation.

Let’s ideate together

As part of Catalyst, meet with our experts and run an envisioning workshop, where we can ideate together using design led thinking concepts and jointly define how to enable the digital transformation of your organization. This one-day briefing starts with a review of your business objectives, followed by mutual discovery and visualization of solutions, ending with a clear, actionable picture of how we can help you reach your business goals.

How Columbus can help

Columbus is a global IT service and consulting company with more than 2,000 employees serving our customers worldwide. We lead with best-practice consulting and managed services that we have refined over more than 3,000 successful implementation projects in manufacturing.

This offer may be eligible for Microsoft funding up to 100% of the value of the offer, depending on the scope of the activities.

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