ECF Data's Protect and Govern Sensitive Data workshops provide you with insights that detect privacy and regulatory risks in dark data and processes to mitigate them. 

As your business-critical data expands and your workforce shifts to remote work, having an integrated approach to mitigating and controlling privacy and regulatory risks is more important than ever.

80% of corporate data is “dark,” which means it’s not classified, protected, or governed. The ceaseless progression in digital technology goes beyond managing data in emails and documents. The inclusion of remote work today expanded the information universe. However, a massive chunk of that data remains unused or stale or includes information that imposes a compliance risk.

The Security Workshops are designed to assist you in conducting practical discussions with your customers about their baseline and advanced security and compliance strategy priorities, initiatives, and key influences.

Included in the Security workshops is the Discovering Sensitive Data Workshop, a 3-day affair that is crafted to provide customers exhibits of privacy and regulatory risks in the organizational data contained within their own Modern Work environments. Its purpose is to assist you in remediating risks through Microsoft 365 E5- associated technologies.

Discover risks from dark data and learn how to address them with Microsoft 365 Compliance.

Day 1: Kick-off Meeting

ECF Data collaborates with your organization by defining the scope, mitigating and controlling privacy and regulatory risks, and covering automated discovery and data protection baseline assessment.

Day 2: Recommendations and Next steps

The last day of the workshop provides analysis and reports, decommission of data risk check day, and presentation of Data Risk Check findings.

Customer criteria:

-800+ Paid Available Units (PAU) for Azure Active Directory Premium (AADP) PAU, and

-250+ Monthly Active Users (MAU) for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online or Teams

-Eligible for select customers between 300-999 seats

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