emPower™ Governance: 2-Wk Implementation


A Workshop & Implementation focused on Governance & Key Processes Required to Support and Enable an Enterprise Deployment.

emPower™ Governance is a 2-week initiative for organizations that have experience with the Power Platform and are looking to advance beyond individual apps toward enterprise adoption. This workshop dives deep into Governance topics that are critical for successful deployments of the Power Platform, adapts the governance model specific to your organization’s needs, and delivers a roadmap for governance rollout.

The eLogic emPower™ methodology accelerates business value realization and enables enterprises to fully adopt and leverage the Power Platform to increase agility, improve user experience, and drive business insights for real impact.

Deep Dive into Governance: *Application Governance *Platform Administration (COE) *Data and Security *Training and Nurture *DevOps

Adapt Governance Model to your Organization’s Needs: *Install Microsoft COE Starter Kit Core *Define specific governance & approach *Review systems integration requirements and common design patterns (i.e. ERP integration) *Roadmap for governance rollout to your organization

Business Benefits of Governance Workshop: *Co-ownership of platform application creation between Business and IT *Key processes in place to support an enterprise deployment *Enable citizen development within approved guidelines *Maintain consistency and quality standards *Support secure access to data and systems

Offering available for remote delivery. Final price determined with customer based on scope.

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