Identity & Access Management : 6 Wk Implementation

Happiest Minds Technologies Limited

End to end Microsoft IAM Analysis & License Utilization, Plan- Deploy- Implement & Roll Out Microsoft IAM Suite, followed by ongoing managed services.

Organizations with an existing Microsoft foot-print and utilizing services such as Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 etc. can leverage unused Microsoft Licenses to implement a complete IAM solution across the fundamental verticals such as Identity Management, Access Management, Access Governance and Privileged Access management along with advanced features such as Consumer IAM, conditional access & MFA etc. A robust IAM solution deployment requires careful analysis of existing licenses, gap analysis, requirement mapping, implementation plan and enhancement plan. Happiest Minds offers these services across the below phased manner.

  1. Microsoft IAM ANALYSIS & LICENSE UTILIZATION plan • Review existing license & IAM Landscape • Document Business Requirements (BRD) • Feasibility study & mapping BRD against MS Offerings across Identity, Access, Governance & Privileged account Management • Provide TO-BE State with phase wise Microsoft 365 IAM solution deployment.
  2. DEPLOY, IMPLEMENT & ROLL OUT • Deploy & configure Microsoft 365 IAM Suite in line with to-be state • Integration with HRMS & critical applications • Multiple Deployment options: On-prem, Cloud, Hybrid depending on phase wise implementation plan.
  3. Managed Services • L1/L2/L3 BAU Support • Access & enhance existing IAM solution • Performance monitoring • Change request management

Outcome: Enhanced Security and flexible access management to safeguard not only your company's digital assets but also to boost information agility.

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