Collaboration & Data Governance 4-Week Implementation


HTG’s Collaboration & Data Governance pack can help companies achieve the right balance of user freedom while ensuring compliance with corporate policies.

Today’s modern workforce caters for unique groups of people, all with their own collaborative needs.Email, Instant Messaging, documents, and 3rd party applications are all in use throughout most organisations.

IT must strike the correct balance between security and usability of corporate collaborative tools. If too restrictive, users will adopt shadow IT to accomplish their needs. HTG's collaboration and data governance package ensures that your Microsoft 365 environment is secure and compliant using Microsofts groups and policies to manage sensitive data, while ensuring that your workforce is still productive.

Features Include:

  • Configure group naming and expiration policies

  • Control guest access to Microsoft Teams

  • Control access to external Storage in Microsoft Teams

  • Create Messaging, Meetings & Live Event Policies

  • Control 3rd party applications in Microsoft Teams

  • Sharing policies for SharePoint and OneDrive for Business

  • Data Loss Prevention Policies

  • Data Retention Policies

  • Sensitivity Labels

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