Microsoft 365 Cyber Insurance Review: 2-5 Wk Assessment

KiZAN Technologies

Map your business cyber insurance carrier requirements to Microsoft 365 environment controls ranked by priority and impact to your security posture.

Cyber Insurance has become a critical need. Obtaining and retaining coverage at an affordable cost requires additional effort and maximum scrutiny. Leverage KiZAN’s Microsoft 365 subject matter experts to identify gaps to become a less-risky customer during insurance audit processes.


KiZAN utilizes a variety of tools to gather data about your on-premises, external, and Microsoft 365 environment. That data is analyzed, documented, and included in this assessment. From there, a human will review and compile actionable insights that will increase security posture and prioritize cyber security audit requirements.


Cyber Insurance Review Benefits:

  • An aggregated risk assessment extending beyond standard compliance frameworks
  • Identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses to provide insights into potential business risks
  • Roadmap next steps to mitigate gaps and enhance security and compliance posture
  • Increased awareness of cybersecurity risks


Choose from the following assessment types:



  • Security Posture Review, including:
  • Identity
  • Email
  • Endpoints
  • Remote Access
  • Backup and Recovery
  • User Education / Training
  • External validation of existing controls and procedures
  • Identification of security enhancements and optimizations



  • Internal and External Network Vulnerability Scan
  • Dark Web Scan
  • Microsoft 365 Information Risks Executive Summary
  • Guided Assistance With Cyber Insurance Application



  • Active Directory Security Assessment
  • Microsoft Cloud Security Baseline Assessment, including:
    • Asset management
    • File storage and data protection
    • Privileged access
    • Vulnerability management
    • Incident response
    • Logging and threat detection
    • Network security
    • DevOps security
    • Governance and strategy

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