Office 365 Protection: Design & Pilot 1-Wk POC

Managed Solution

Protect Your Employees from External Email Threats with Defender for Office 365 Protection

This solution is for organizations who have been compromised and/or who wish to protect themselves from bad actors. We identify potential targets for future phishing attempts and prevent those from happening through the use of Microsoft 365 Defender.

Deliverables -Office 365 Defender for ATP – deployed to all mailboxes to properly detect phishing attacks and prevent spoofing and malicious attachments and links.-Identifying users who need protection -Multi-Factor Authentication – deployed to all users, requiring secondary authentication to mobile phone for all unrecognized logins and devices -DKIM, SPF – use of Domain Keys Identifying Marks and Sender Policy Framework configuration in client’s mail records to further verify sender identify for domain -DMARC – additional mail controls, rejecting mail that doesn’t pass SPF and DKIM checks

Outcomes -Rules set up rules for a subset of users to pilot the features -Roadmap built to quickly secure Microsoft 365 environment from bad actors -Provided ongoing support for customized rules and Security and Compliance configuration -Set up configurations from the Security & Compliance Center

Additionally, our team works with organizations by providing more recommendations to further secure the organization such as deploying Intune to manage company devices, utilizing Microsoft 365 Cloud App Security to implement additional security and intelligent controls and deploying Azure Identity Protection User Risk and Sign In Risk Policies.

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