Secure Live Workspace - 8 Weeks Assessment

LTIMindtree Limited

Our Secure Live Workspace is an 8 week assessment that will evaluate the Business Objectives for enabling remote working, platform needs in Microsoft 365, Azure Virtual Desktop, and Security services

Secure Live Workspace is an 8-week Assessment offering focused primarily on positioning Microsoft 365 along with Azure Virtual Desktop and Power Platform. It aims to bridge the collaboration and productivity gaps among remotely operating people, processes and places introduced by the hybrid work scenarios.

Offer Overview and Highlights • This assessment involves 2 high-level phases (Envisioning and Designing) aimed at delivering a plan for seamlessly implementing Hybrid working solution for customers • It aims at reducing the capital and operational overhead relating to allocation of multiple resources to a single person and bring about optimizations in the process • The aim is to enable the customers for empowering their workforce to be productive and collaborating effectively and seamlessly from anywhere.

Assessment Phases:

  1. Envisioning (3 weeks) • Stakeholder Identification • Interviews and Surveys • Functional Requirement Documentation and User Stories drafting
  2. Design and Architecture (5 weeks) • Technical Architecture Mapping to requirements • Review and Optimizations • Plan submission and signoff

Customer Benefits of a Secure Live Workspace • Productivity Increase and Cost Efficiency • Improved Security • Easy to scale and customize experience • Quick and Seamless Onboarding Experience • Insightful Visualizations

Personas researched during assessment • Analyst/Remote Worker • Approving Manager • IT Engineers

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