MDM Health Check (All OS): 2-week Assessment

Mobile Mentor

Our certified engineers audit your mobile device management (MDM) platform and provide you recommendations on best practice.

The MDM Health Check service evaluates your current MDM solution for migration to Intune or your current Intune environment and ensures it’s configured to industry standards. We will go through any improvements that can be made in policies, profiles and practices. Our service provides an opportunity to investigate the value you are getting from your Microsoft 365 investment, especially Microsoft Intune. It will highlight functionalities you could be switching on to improve security and management of your devices. This service will review all operating systems, including Windows, iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and Android. Have you deployed your MDM solution as a Do-It-Yourself job? Have you never had an MDM specialist partner look under the hood and review the current state of your MDM implementation? Are you wanting to confirm a solid baseline prior to consolidating MDM platforms to Intune? Is the ICT partner company who deployed your MDM service a generalist but you would like the reassurance from an MDM expert that things were done well? If you answer YES to any of these questions, then this service will likely be well suited to your requirements.

This is a perfect time to review the way your mobile device management (MDM) system has been configured.

Our process will follow these three simple steps: Assess, Report and Review

  • Technical assessment and benchmark against best practices
  • Detailed report with our recommendations / remediation steps
  • Technical workshop with system owner to discuss the recommendation

All this work can be done remotely.

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