Zero Trust - Securing Identities: 3-Day Workshop

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Deep dive into foundational identity strategy tailored to your customers’ organization as well as recommendations of how to improve your infrastructure.

Zero Trust - Securing Identities Workshop is designed as a three-day engagement to assess the maturity of a customer’s identity estate. Workshop gives customers visibility into their present state and will help define clear next steps and the best ways to mitigate current and future risks.

Benefits of the Workshop: Customer will receive a strategic plan based on recommendations from our identity experts and customized specifically for organizational needs. The workshop will help you design and plan out optimal identity model to ensure organization have a roadmap for enhanced security.

Typical workshop agenda: Day 1: Kick-off Meeting and define scope. Zero Trust model, Identity Fundamentals, Microsoft Secure Score, Identity Security Posture Assessment. Day 2: Application Discovery, Self-Service Password Recovery (SSPR), Multifactor Authentication (MFA), Conditional Access (CA), Passwordless, Endpoint Compliance, Azure AD Application Management Day 3: Outcome. Key Results, Plans for improving identity posture through Secure Score deployment, Application Discovery Reporting and Discussion, , and Next Steps, POC or Deployment Recommendations

Workshop will cover the following technical topics and services:  Zero Trust model, Microsoft 365, Azure, Azure Active Directory,  Identity security posture assessment using Microsoft Secure Score  Identity Fundamentals (Azure AD Integration and Hybrid Authentication)  Self-Service Password reset  Multifactor Authentication  Conditional Access  Azure AD Application Management  Device Management to provide CA device compliance based  Passwordless authentication

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